Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Frequently Asked Questions about Mortgage Notes

Mortgage note, also referred as a borrower’s note, is a written document through which a borrower promises to repay a specific amount and an interest on it. This is secured through a particular mortgage loan. 

We have tried to answer several major questions associated with them. 

How to sell mortgage notes? 
To sell mortgage notes, you can take support of a mortgage note broker to receive a list of potential buyers. Through this list, you can shortlist the potential buyers, which constitute the individuals, banks and organizations. You also need to brush up your negotiation skills to get a good deal. 

Why are mortgage notes perfect choices for investments?
There is minimum risk associated with the mortgage note investment because the investor is able to foreclose on the property to recover the money. Individuals also receive better returns when compared to other forms of investments. 

Why is it beneficial to sell mortgage notes?
By selling mortgage notes, individuals are able to get rid of risk associated with the requirement of foreclosure in the coming time. They also enjoy a substantial amount of liquid cash that helps in tackling the financial crisis. 

What terms are present on the mortgage note?
The mortgage note comprises of various essential terms, some of which include interest rate, amount of loan, due dates and penalties on late payments. The terms and conditions-related to the mortgage are also present in the note. 

How BGK Investments help the buyers and sellers?
Being an experienced investment firm, BGK helps both buyers and sellers to get the best deal out of a mortgage note. The company is contains a huge list of sellers and buyers of mortgage loans that allows both the parties to select the ideal option. The company also helps with necessary paperwork needed in the transaction. With their negotiation skills, the experts from the company ensure that a win-win situation is achieved for the involved parties. 

To know more about the services, check the company’s website:

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Selling Mortgage Notes made easy with BGK Investments

Mortgage notes and mortgage loans both are tedious and require a lot of effort. Mortgage notes are deeds of trust and also known as promissory document that states all terms and conditions of a deal and both the lender and the borrow promise to abide by it. Mortgage loan, as the name suggests is a loan taken against mortgaged property or any asset. Selling a mortgage note is no easy feat unless your note fulfills all the requirements; some of these are listed below-
  1. The document should contain all necessary details like date of transaction and first mortgage note payment.
  2. All current and past addresses of both buyer and the seller.
  3. Address of the property involved.
  4. All the terms of mortgage like the time period or the rate of interest etc.
  5. Monthly mortgage payment or installment amount.
  6. The down payment or the token money amount paid in advance. 
  7. last but not the least, the deed should be notarized and both the buyer and seller should have a copy of it.
Any note that fulfills all these requirements are easily sold by the owner however others might need help. A common reason why investors avoid purchasing a note is insolvency of the payer. In these cases they rely on professional mortgage brokers who know all in and out of a note and can easily access its current market value and expected profit as per the current market analysis. Investors buy mortgage notes on lesser value as that of their current principal amount and revise all terms [like 10-30 years of time period or lower rate of interest etc.] as per mutual consent with the debtor or the borrower, to insure complete payment receipt over the tenure. Selling mortgage note helps the lender get good amount of money in one shot that he can use for future investments.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Know where and how to sell mortgage notes in California

Trading of mortgages and non-performing mortgage notes has become significantly popular all across the US and California being one of the most profitable real estate industries is home to many individual and group real estate investors. The investors have been earning huge profits since many years by investing in residential and commercial properties. Perhaps, they also incur huge losses when they own non-performing mortgage notes. 

Mortgage notes are legal documents cum written promise to repay a specified sum of money and interest in a specified duration. These notes are created when banks or individual investors lend money to a property owner against a mortgage and charge him a certain rate of interest for the money given. The borrower is responsible to make timely payments as per the schedule and when he becomes defaulter [not paying any money since 90 or more days] his mortgage note converts to a non performing deed of trust. This is where California’s leading investment and loan acquisition firm ‘BGK Investments’ provides easy sale and purchase of mortgage notes. 

They have mortgage brokers who do free analysis of a mortgage note and provide the lender with current value of his note and on the other hand have a list of potential investors who can buy the note. They have discussion at both the ends and as per mutual agreement they arrange for a face to face meeting [if required]. At times a broker himself does all the formalities while selling mortgage notes and the seller and the buyer may not even have to meet directly. Selling mortgage notes is an easy way to get rid of debtors for exchange of money. For more information click-

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

4 Smartest Reasons to Opt For Loan for Mortgage Settlement California

If you’re looking for ways in which you can reduce your monthly mortgage burden or pay your home loan quicker, loan for mortgage settlement California is a great option. Depending on your need, loan for mortgage settlement California can offer several benefits to homeowners. Leading mortgage brokers, BGK Investments, share the advantages you get when you opt for loan for mortgage settlement California.

The foremost reason why homeowners choose loan for mortgage settlement California is to pay a lower interest rate on their mortgage. A lower rate of interest means reduced monthly payments, and paying less for your home. Reduced monthly mortgage payments equal extra cash in your pocket every month that you can use for other expenses.

Loan for mortgage settlement California also lets you get rid of your mortgage debt in less time. It will also enable you to build equity in your home faster.

If you are on a fixed rate of interest mortgage and the interest rates are falling, a loan for mortgage settlement California allows you to switch to adjustable rate mortgage to benefit from the reducing rates of interest.

A loan for mortgage settlement California is a strategy that helps homeowners to meet their goals. However, before you start the refinance process, it’s a good idea to find out whether you’ll be assessed a prepayment penalty and how much. The costs of the new loan and the penalty on the older one should be definitely lesser than the benefits you are getting on the new mortgage for the loan for mortgage settlement California to make sense. To understand more about loan for mortgage settlement California, seek advice from the real estate and mortgage experts in California, BGK Investments at 888-335-3139 or visit NOW.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

7 Top Advantages of Seller Carry Back in California

Seller carry back or seller financing has become popular lately in real estate as buyers and sellers look for innovative finance options. The leading real estate brokers in California, BGK Investments, explain the biggest advantages of buying and selling property with seller carry back option.

Quicker Sale
Properties with a seller carry back sign are likely to get a greater response rate and generally sell much faster than properties asking for traditional financing. Since the paperwork involved is lesser than conventional loans, the deal can be closed faster than usual.

More Buyers 
Loan approval from the bank is not always easy but the seller carry back allows more buyers to purchase and finance a home. To understand how you can benefit from seller carry back, seek the experts in California, BGK Investments.

Greater Flexibility
Lending restrictions prevent flexibility, for instance, the buyer’s credit. Seller carry back allows for more flexibility than bank financing.

Low Costs 
With seller carry back, you can save on costs such as underwriting fees, mortgage insurance premiums and other payments involved in conventional financing. BGK Investments, leading mortgage brokers in California, can help you find great seller carry back deals.

Regular Earnings 
The seller gets regular interest payments since the seller is the bank in this case.

Safe Investment
The investment is safe for the investor since the loan is secured by the property itself. If the buyer fails to make payments, the seller can take back ownership of the home.

The seller can sell the note, mortgage, trust deed, or contract on the open market to a note investor or note buyer for cash today rather than payments over time.

To understand how you can make money on seller carry back, ask the experienced mortgage brokers in California, BGK Investments at 888-335-3139 or visit NOW.

Friday, 22 April 2016

The Top 4 Must-Checks Before You Buy Commercial Investment Property in California

Here are some valuable lessons about what to check when you invest (in fact, before you invest) in commercial investment property. Investors often make the mistake of not checking up on these things and end up making losses later. The leading investment properties expert in California, BGK Investments, shares these top tips about investment in commercial property.
Always ensure that the building you are planning to invest in, complies with the current municipal building codes. Often investors discover that there is something amiss when they plan improvement on the existing investment properties. Any mistakes here could prove costly later. BGK Investments, the top investment properties broker in California offers real estate investigation service so that there are no surprises later.

You should be aware of any issues that may be there with the leases with the existing tenants on the commercial investment property you are planning to buy. Ask the best investment properties advisor, BGK Investments, in California to first check all provisions in the existing leases before going ahead with the deal.
It is important to check each and every unit of the building. At the same time, it is important to check it out at various times during the day. The two will give you an idea of what goes on at the investment properties you wish to buy. Only rely on experienced and reputed commercial investment property brokers, such as BGK Investments, in California to close the deal after investigating everything about the property.
Before going ahead with anything, ask the lenders about how much loan they are willing to extend for the property you are considering. Lenders will look at all aspects of the property. So it would be wise to consult them first.

The leading commercial investment property broker in California, BGK Investments, led by Ben Keisari, have been in the business for many years and can help you with every step of the process so that you make a safe investment that gets you good returns.

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

5 Compelling Reasons to Go For Loan against Mortgage in California

Whether you have been thinking of buying your first house or an additional house, it would be advisable to finally do it using loan against mortgage in California. BGK investments, led by Ben Keisari, give you five amazing reasons why.
Loan against mortgage can be cheaper than rent 
Property rents have been steadily increasing. In many places, the monthly rent is higher than the monthly mortgage payment. Making a mortgage payment is an investment into your equity towards your home while a rental payment is not. Ben Keisari says that at the end of all those payments, there would be nothing better than to call that place your own.
California real estate prices 
Real estate prices are rising but they are still quite lower than they were at the peak of the housing boom back in 2006. So it makes complete sense to buy your own house with a loan against mortgage than paying rent in California, BGK Investments tell us.
Interest rates are low for all types of mortgages
Whether you’re looking for a loan against mortgage at a fixed-rate or an adjustable rate, the interest rates favor it. Lower property prices and loan against mortgage interest rates in California make getting a loan better than renting a house.
Low down payment with loan against mortgage loan 
With some restrictions, you can get a loan against mortgage with a down payment in California. Experienced mortgage brokers, such as Ben Keisari led BGK Investments can help you get a great deal on your house.
Buying a house is a great investment
Real estate has proven to be a great long-term investment. Real estate market keeps changing, so it would be wise to get a loan against mortgage in California and buy while the conditions are in your favor. Ask your California mortgage expert, Ben Keisari at BGK Investments for great loan options.