Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Know where and how to sell mortgage notes in California

Trading of mortgages and non-performing mortgage notes has become significantly popular all across the US and California being one of the most profitable real estate industries is home to many individual and group real estate investors. The investors have been earning huge profits since many years by investing in residential and commercial properties. Perhaps, they also incur huge losses when they own non-performing mortgage notes. 

Mortgage notes are legal documents cum written promise to repay a specified sum of money and interest in a specified duration. These notes are created when banks or individual investors lend money to a property owner against a mortgage and charge him a certain rate of interest for the money given. The borrower is responsible to make timely payments as per the schedule and when he becomes defaulter [not paying any money since 90 or more days] his mortgage note converts to a non performing deed of trust. This is where California’s leading investment and loan acquisition firm ‘BGK Investments’ provides easy sale and purchase of mortgage notes. 

They have mortgage brokers who do free analysis of a mortgage note and provide the lender with current value of his note and on the other hand have a list of potential investors who can buy the note. They have discussion at both the ends and as per mutual agreement they arrange for a face to face meeting [if required]. At times a broker himself does all the formalities while selling mortgage notes and the seller and the buyer may not even have to meet directly. Selling mortgage notes is an easy way to get rid of debtors for exchange of money. For more information click-

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