Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Selling Mortgage Notes made easy with BGK Investments

Mortgage notes and mortgage loans both are tedious and require a lot of effort. Mortgage notes are deeds of trust and also known as promissory document that states all terms and conditions of a deal and both the lender and the borrow promise to abide by it. Mortgage loan, as the name suggests is a loan taken against mortgaged property or any asset. Selling a mortgage note is no easy feat unless your note fulfills all the requirements; some of these are listed below-
  1. The document should contain all necessary details like date of transaction and first mortgage note payment.
  2. All current and past addresses of both buyer and the seller.
  3. Address of the property involved.
  4. All the terms of mortgage like the time period or the rate of interest etc.
  5. Monthly mortgage payment or installment amount.
  6. The down payment or the token money amount paid in advance. 
  7. last but not the least, the deed should be notarized and both the buyer and seller should have a copy of it.
Any note that fulfills all these requirements are easily sold by the owner however others might need help. A common reason why investors avoid purchasing a note is insolvency of the payer. In these cases they rely on professional mortgage brokers who know all in and out of a note and can easily access its current market value and expected profit as per the current market analysis. Investors buy mortgage notes on lesser value as that of their current principal amount and revise all terms [like 10-30 years of time period or lower rate of interest etc.] as per mutual consent with the debtor or the borrower, to insure complete payment receipt over the tenure. Selling mortgage note helps the lender get good amount of money in one shot that he can use for future investments.

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